Richie Ashsburn…why the hall not? ….(the beginning )

As you may know, the book about my campaign to reinstate Rich Ashburn back on the Hall of Fame ballot, and his eventual election to the Hall will be out mid-June. I’ll be posting stories, anecdotes, and updates concerning book signings, as the summer progresses.   Let me just say at the outset.  I’m not a writer.  I’ m just an average baseball fan, and I was as a kid, a giant fan of Richie Ashburn  the ballplayer.  As an adult, I was a giant fan of Rich Ashburn the writer and broadcaster.  Quite often in life, you create an image of a person, whether they’re a celebrity, actor, athlete, etc. and then you get a chance to meet that person, and it’s disappointing.  Let me assure you of this……Rich Ashburn always was the real deal.  He was always the same genuine, funny, unpretentious guy you knew on television and radio.  At the beginning of my campaign to get Whitey back on the Hall of Fame ballot, I didn’t know Whitey, I didn’t know anyone at the Phillies, or at the Hall of Fame, or anyone in the media.  If there was ever a poster boy for failure it was me.  Through it all, I never lost track of one thing.  Whitey was a Hall of Famer !! He had all the stats, it was just making the HOF voters see what all of Whitey’s many, many fans already knew.  My next post will be about my first meeting with Rich, when I was eight, at Connie Mack Stadium.  Thanks for reading, and keep checking in !  I’ve inserted a photo I took in Cooperstown on Whitey’s induction day. He often said, it was one of the happiest days of his life…………………….jim donahue

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