The Ballad of Lucky the Horse

Richie Ashburn: Why The Hall Not? book

You don’t get involved in something that takes up four years of your life without some funny, wacky things happening. This is one of those stories, and I swear, it’s 100% true!  When I first started my”Why The Hall Not” campaign for Whitey in 1991, he sent me a note.  It basically said he appreciated my effort on his behalf, and obviously he couldn’t get personally involved. He closed the note by saying he hoped I wasn’t wasting my time, but he did think I was ” beating a dead horse”. In other words, it was a lost cause.  Rich Westcott, the publisher of Phillies Report, was kind enough to offer me a free ad, in his publication. Seeing I had no money for advertising (my campaign was as low budget as you could get), I jumped at the chance. I had a friend who had a horse farm in…

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