Were You There ????

If you were at ” The Bank ” last night ( Sun May 1st ) for the Phils and Mets, please leave your thoughts.  I’ve had some great moments at the ballpark over the years, but last night was something special.  The rivalry between the Phils and Mets fans is the stuff of legend.  As the buzz of Bin Laden’s capture and death started to circulate, the chant of U..S..A. got louder and louder, and the rivals became brothers in arms. Hard to Believe Harry……..Phils and Mets fans high fivin’ and cheering together…….you’ve got to love it !!!!!!…………………..jimmy d.

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2 Responses to Were You There ????

  1. Mary Barrow says:

    That must have been a great experience! I wish I had been there – the Phils and Mets fans finding that they do have something in common -patriotism! Okay, now back to the rivalry!!

  2. Tom Post says:

    Wasn’t there but saw the game on TV while down in Georgia. I can tell you that the Braves fans that I was watching the game with were pretty amazed as well. Go Phillies!

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