Buy a Book, Help Some Kids………………

My next book signing, is a very special one for me. Weds August 3rd, I’ll be signing from 4:30 til ?? at Bryn Mawr Trust 22 W. State St. in Media, Pa.  This signing will benefit  the Media Youth Center, which supports over 1,000 young people, with it’s various programs.  The Center is headed by executive director Brent Hill, a great man, with a great vision. I’m honored, to think that me signing books can help in some small way. So please, if you’ve been thinking about buying my book, come to Media on the 3rd of August. I’ve set a goal,  what I’m trying to raise for the MYC, so who knows, I might be out there all night, until I reach my goal. On another note, if you have a school group, choir, orchestra, team, etc that could use the help, I’d love to hear from you.  My book signings are not going to raise thousands, but if I could get a few instruments for your orchestra, or get some text books for a classroom, that’s my goal. Contrary to some beliefs, the one who dies with the most toys, isn’t the winner !! Drop me an email, if I can help your group or organization.  Let’s make a change !!…….jim



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