My First Book Signing (6/25)

I just found out, my first book signing will be next Saturday June 25th at AB Sports in Granite Run Mall, in Media, Pa. I’ll be there between 1 and 2:30 PM. The number for AB Sports is 610-566-1793. They’ll also have John Mayberry Jr and Pete Orr from the Phillies, and the mall will have Brad Lidge and Kyle Kendrick. So as you see, it should be a pretty exciting sports filled day.The book has been getting a great response. It was mentioned in the Philly Daily News this week by sportswriter Paul Hagen, and I should be on WIP soon, so stay tuned. It also appears that the book will be available at Citizens Bank Park very shortly.  It would be fantastic to be able to do a book signing in front of Whitey’s statue in Ashburn Alley. My only hope through all of this, is that this book keeps the flame of Whitey’s memory burning……..jim donahue

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