The Boys of Summer are Back !!

” Hard to believe Harry “, but yes ! Next week is a new beginning for the Phillies Nation.  Friday April 1st, our journey to the Broad Street parade starts.  This should be a great season, and I can’t wait to start working back at the ballpark.  The book, ” Richie Ashburn…Why The Hall Not? ” is in the final stages with the publisher, and should be in the stores  by early July ( just around the All-Star break ). I believe baseball fans, and Whitey’s fans in particular will really like the book  I know there will be some book signings on the horizon, which should be fun, so stay tuned.  Thanks again, to everyone for your kind sentiments regarding the book project………………jim donahue

1950 Whiz Kids

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2 Responses to The Boys of Summer are Back !!

  1. Hey Jim, 5/10
    I left a comment last night…
    I’ll repeat it…
    I can’t wait till 7/11/11…
    I can smell the scent of Old Connie Mack as my father is escorting me to my unauthorized box seats.(Perks for being a Member of Phily’s Finest)..
    I can see Whitey in that beautiful outfield grass, making a shoestring catch to get Robbie out of a jam with those Brooklyn Dodgers…
    Looking forward to reliving old times with a good read…
    Proud to say I’m your friend…
    Good luck with the 2nd & 3rd printing…
    Your buddy
    Anthony Baselice

    • Jim Donahue says:

      Thank you, to a true friend. You were there at the start, and you’re mentioned in the book…………….your pal…………….jimmy d.

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